What My Blogs Will Be About

I know as much as anything how hard it is to figure out what we are meant to do with out lives. I am currently looking at my talents and was trying to figure out how to use them to bring extra income into our home. I know that i am a good writer, so with that i decided to create a blog to connect with others.

I decided to create my blog on the topic of health. There will be many articles on here that deal with health and how to improve it. I will also be connecting to businesses that sell health products such as vitamins, and recipes, and exercises. I am also interested in the raw food craze that is going on. They believe that instead of cooking out the nutrients in foods, that we should consume them. That way our body will get what it really needs instead of turning our bodies into junk piles for processed foods.

I am also good at singing but not sure yet if i want to add videos on here or not, but i might who knows. i might even add things on educations for parents of special needs children to help them out. The reason for this is because i was born with Goldenhar Syndrome and I was in special education myself. I know what it is like to be called and labeled as slow and to be shut off from changes of being mainstreamed from the special education classroom, even for just one subject.

I hope to create a wonderful blog from here that is highly useful and helpful to others. So basically to all that i just said. This blog will be about topics and helpful tips on health, and educational tips. I hope you enjoy my blog, and and thank you.

Karen Moore


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