My Thoughts on Health and Ect

I saw this video about a pills being created to prolong life, and stop the aging process. Now would it be neat never to age, YES in my opinion but how about never to die? Can you imagine if non of us died, and babies were born over and over again? The world would eventually be over taken by humans and there would be no room.

Now i can not say what happens after death, but I do not fear it. Even if my existence is ended its ok, because what would i know anyways. I can not get myself to believe without evidence because I do not want false hopes. To everyone, no matter what you believe in or do not believe that is fine with me. It is just me personally.

I was born with Goldenhar Syndrome. This is when you are born with one ear, and abnormal spine, and crocket jaw, and cleft palate. It is also when the left side of your body grows slower than the right side. I am doing good though. I remember when I was 13 years old and the doctor told me that I will not live past the age of 30, well guess what DOC I am now 33 years old so your theory goes out the window.

Even though have had lots of operations and I have this syndrome, it does not mean that i cant care about health. In my opinion, I need to concentrate on health due to my medical issues so I can be strong and live long. I want this blog to help others also. I had a hard time finding my niche, but i did and i am glad i did. I might make another blog page about special needs learning for parents. The reason for this is because I was special needs, and I had to graduate high school on a 5th grade level.

Health is important, and fitness is also important. I am not a skinny girl, but i am working on it. I do take my vitamins and I starting a raw food diet soon. So like I said, I hope my blog will help others find the health answers that they are looking for.


Thank you


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